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14k 7 CTW Yellow Gold 7" Diamond Bracelet | REAL CVD VVS

Sale price$4,000.00 Regular price$15,000.00

Elevate your elegance with our exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Lab Diamond Bracelet, boasting an impressive 7 carats of stunning lab-grown diamonds. Crafted with precision and sophistication, this bracelet is the epitome of luxury and glamour. Call or text for more🏝😇

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This product was made with real CVD Diamonds.


This product was made with CVD Real Diamonds.
Please note that only products marked "CVD Real Diamonds" are made with CVD Diamonds. All other products are Natural Earth Mined.

For your convenience, we have clearly mark the pieces that contain CVD Real Diamonds on our website, so you can clearly know the difference.

We stand on our authenticity and only the jewelry marked with CVD on our website contains these diamonds.

Lifetime Guarantee

RDP Jewelry provides a lifetime guarantee for this product, ensuring repair services for any craftsmanship defects. Contact us within 14 days of purchase.

If any defects are found upon 14 days of arriving contact us for further details. We will get it handled immediately.

Product Information

Please contact us for more information on our products. Products details may vary just slightly depending on what is in stock. Contact Us


Authenticity Guarantee

All our products are genuine and authentic. Consisting of real gold, diamonds and authentic timepieces.

Miami Beach established 1960🏝.

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14k 7 CTW Yellow Gold 7" Diamond Bracelet | REAL CVD VVS Sale price$4,000.00 Regular price$15,000.00
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